Join Us In Celebrating 17 Years

on July 4-9, 2019!

Throughout the weekend, 17 of the rarest motorcycles in the museum’s collection will be started including this one-of-a-kind 1916 Traub.

Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum is celebrating 17 years of preserving and promoting American motorcycle history in Maggie Valley, NC the week of July 4-9.

The weekend celebration will be highlighted by the running of 17 of the world’s rarest motorcycles, including rare experimental models, unique racing bikes, and one-of-a-kind machines such as the 1916 Traub, often billed the “World’s Rarest Motorcycle.”

 Relocated to North Carolina in 2002, Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum and the expansive collection housed inside is the lifetime work of founder and curator Dale Walksler.

The vision for the museum started over 52 years ago when a young 15-year-old Walksler bought a wrecked Harley Davidson for twenty dollars from behind a local service station. This purchase would be the first of many more to come and an investment that would cement a legacy of motorcycle pursuits. A few weeks later, Walksler had the bike running and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, the museum is home to one of the world’s best collections of vintage American motorcycle and transportation history and has become a worldwide destination. Each year, the museum plays host to tens of thousands of visitors from all 50 states and around the world, many of whom have traveled to the United States, by their own words, “just to visit Dale’s Wheels through Time.” 

Over the last 17 years, Dale’s Wheels Through Time has become a worldwide destination.

Museum visitors love to gather as museum staff start the machines and tell the history behind them.

After 17 years, the collection continues to grow as the museum staff continues to track down rare and historic machines and memorabilia to add to the collection, and works to keep all the machines in operating condition.

The 17th Anniversary weekend will run July 4 -8, from 9 AM to 5 PM. During the weekend, the museum staff will be running of 17 of the rarest bikes in the world as well as sharing stories from the past 115 years of American transportation history.

Admission is $15.00 for Adults and $7.00 for Children 6-14. Seniors and Military Veterans are $12.00.
For more information, visit www.wheelsthroughtime.com or call 828-926-6266.

-Kris Estep
June 5, 2019

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