“The Archives” Volume 1


Watch as Dale and the Time Machine Crew share the history of countless rarest and most significant two-wheeled marvels.

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The Archives:  Volume 1

Over the past century, American culture has been shaped by countless men and their machines.  Evolving from an era of horse-drawn carriages and steam-powered locomotion, the American people would soon see the creation of a new invention that would shape, influence, and continue to impact society for the next 100 years — The American Motorcycle.

The Time Machine Archives is proud to present the history of the American motorcycle as never seen before.  Honoring those men, women, and machines that have come before us, the Archives take you back to a simpler time, when men were men, and motorcycles were motorcycles.

Watch as Wheels Through Time curator and founder, Dale Walksler, and the Time Machine crew share the history of hundreds of America’s rarest and most significant two-wheeled marvels.  From boardtrack racers and hillclimbers, and prototypes to production models, the Time Machine Archives brings you the past, present, and future of these rare machines and the amazing men who rode them.

Enter the Archives, and take a ride through motorcycle history.