Congratulations to Bear King on winning the 1946 Knucklehead! We know you will give this machine a great home!

It was without a doubt a day worth waiting for. Not only did we unveil the 2017 Raffle Bike, we also held the Raffle in a new part of the museum and a record 3 out of 4 of the winners were present at the time of the drawing. The excitement and energy in the building was unmatched by any previous raffle event we’ve hosted in the past!

Our Grand prize winner was Bear King of Charlotte, North Carolina. He’s been coming to museum since it opened in 2001 and it was his 13th time entering into the WTT Raffle and this year was finally his to claim. Bear had purchased tickets a few times through out the year and also purchased another 7 tickets when he arrived that morning at 9:00am! Upon his ticket being drawn, he was speechless and it was in fact another person who yelled out “He’s here!” before he spoke up or came forward. Frantically everyone turned and looked to their left and right. Just moments later, Bear stepped forward from the side of the stage and raised his hand. We had our winner! The look on the face of the life long motorcycle rider and enthusiast was priceless. Moments later Bear was sitting on his new ’46 Knucklehead. We knew he wouldn’t have any problems with the bike when he started it on the first kick! His picture will be added to the Raffle Winner Wall and he is picking his Knucklehead up on Tuesday! Congratulations Bear!

Our 2nd Prize Winner was John Sapienza of Hubbard, Ohio! John was present for the raffle as well. John rode is Sportster all the way from Ohio to attend the WTT Raffle. He screamed down from the mezzanine and the crowd went wild! He made his way down stairs and to the center stage. He was so out of breath from excitement he could hardly talk! When he finally caught his breath the one of the first thing he said is “All (Gasping) 10 Grand is going (gasping) towards a new bike!”. We couldn’t be happier for you John! Congratulations Mr. Sapienza!

Our 3rd Prize Winner was Frank Coy of Toledo, Ohio! Frank wasn’t present for the raffle but we managed to get him on the telephone. Rick visited the museum in July and and only bought 7 tickets – 1 of which was the one that earned him $5,000. Congratulations Frank!

New to the WTT Raffle is The Angel Drawing. It’s a $4,000 prize split 50/50 between the AngelMan Foundation and the Raffle Winner. The winner of the the Angel Drawing was Linda Perkle from Toccoa Georgia! who also happened to be present at the drawing! Congratulations Linda! Natalie Crump carefully pulled the ticket the year as her parents Ricky and Lisa Crump proudly watched. It was a special moment to say the least!